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Bugatti-Branded Belt : Accessories

The Bugatti Veyron is known for being the worlds fastest production vehicle, and in doing so, Bugatti engineers have implanted massive amount of technology into their cars at a price comparable to a Malibu Beach home. In continuing with its exclusivity, Bugatti has hired Roland Iten to produce a high-priced belt buckle.

The belt buckle is not used in the car but used to hold your high-priced Versace pants up. Attached to a leather strap, the mechanical belt buckle features one-hundred components made from gold, stainless steel and titanium. The buckle is designed to hold the belt in place at the desired waist size without the need for precut belt holes.

Only forty-four units of the Swedish made belt will be produced and will come in at a staggering $84,000. It’s your choice, a Porsche 911 Carrera for your commuting needs or a belt to adjust to whatever your future size may be. On the plus side, the belt will withstand the test of time and it doesn’t need an oil change.

Roland Iten
Roland Iten is about discovery. The delight, surprise and joy to touch and to own an expertly crafted Roland Iten mechanically performing piece.

All collection pieces are 100% made in Geneva with Swiss watch making machinery and based upon patented mechanisms ensuring and protecting brand value. Only the finest materials and world class manufacturing processes and practices are utilized to ensure outstanding craftsmanship.

This distinct standard resonates throughout the company and its selected partners. Their artisans hand finish each piece, combining precious metals with inlays such as mother-of-pearl, exotic tropical hardwoods and pavé diamonds. Each piece is released within a limited numbered series, carries an individual serial number which provides a record of both origin and authenticity and is issued with a hand-signed certificate by Roland Iten.

By utilising the high precision mechanics capability of an industry previously reserved for making only finely crafted Swiss watches, the Roland Iten Mechanical Luxury Company is pioneering a new segment in the ultra exclusive men's accessories sector which it calls Mechanical Luxury for Gentlemen.

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