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1955 Dodge D-500 : Classic Cars
1955 Dodge D-500 : Classic Cars

Dodge unveiled a host of new options in 1955, but the 1955-1956 Dodge D-500 was arguably the most powerful -- Dodge offered an extra-cost "Power Pack" for the hemi-four-barrel carb and dual exhausts adding 10 horses. With it, the hemi was officially (and clumsily) called the "super-powered Super Red Ram," but soon became known simply as the "D-500" option.

The Dodge D-500 returned for 1956 on a hemi stroked out to 315 cubic inches. Larger valves, mechanical lifters, reprofiled camshaft, and higher compression (9.25:1) gave it a mighty 260 horses, close to double the maximum power Dodge had offered just two years before. A two-barrel, 218-bhp version of the Dodge D-500 came standard on Royal and Custom Royal. Coronets retained the poly at a slightly more muscular 189 bhp.

Dodge's mild 1956 face-lift brought higher, finned rear fenders to all models, which now included V-8 Lancer four-door hardtops in each series, including the Dodge D-500. As on other Chrysler makes, control of the optional Powerflite automatic changed from the chromed corporate dashboard wand of 1955 to the soon-to-be-infamous pushbuttons.

Highland Park went more heavily into high-performance limited editions for 1956, issuing the new Plymouth Fury and DeSoto Adventurer to supplement the follow-up version of the hairy Chrysler 300. Little appreciated is the fact that Dodge had a similar special, the Golden Lancer. This was basically a Dodge D-500-equipped Custom Royal hardtop coupe with Sapphire White and Gold Gallant Saddle paint; gold-colored dash, windshield, and door moldings; and patterned white/gray/black upholstery. Production is unknown, even to Chrysler, but was doubtless minuscule.

Equally rare was "La Femme," a new-for-1955 trim package offering umbrella holder, makeup case, and a dazzling pink-and-white exterior in a patronizing nod to women buyers typical of the age. The 1956 La Femme kept most of milady's accessories, but the colors changed to Regal Orchid over Misty Orchid. Limited to the Custom Royal hardtop coupe -- and available with the Dodge D-500 option -- it sold fewer than 1,500 copies through 1956 (estimates range from 300 to 1,100), after which it was tastefully withdrawn.

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Curren$y : Chevrolet El Camino : Stars And Cars
"Rearview clear view, memories of paid dues, confined to a runway, thuderstorms came through, but look what it came to, something that amazes you, soon as you quit hating & hear with I gotta say to you."

Birth Name : Shante Scott Franklin
Birth Date : April 4, 1981
Birth Location : New Orleans, Louisiana
Instruments : Voice
Genres : Rap, Hip-hop
Occupation : Rapper
Years Active : 2002-Present
Labels : Jet Life Recordings, Warner Bros. Records (current) No Limit Records, Cash Money Records, Young Money Entertainment, Roc-A-Fella Records, Def Jam (former)

Louisiana born, Curren$y is an American rapper signed to Jet Life Recordings, Warner Brothers and a former member of 504 Boyz.

The 32-year-old is a huge car fan and has a special place in his heart for Chevys. Unlike most rappers or celebrities, Curren$y likes to browse eBay for potential cars to work on, like his El Camino which needed interior work.

Pictured below, this 1979 Chevy El Camino obviously means a great deal to the rapper as it appears in three of his music videos: ”Twistin’ Stank”, “King Kong” and “Daze of Thunder”.

1979 Chevrolet El Camino
Price : Varies around $20,000

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Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo : Concept Cars
Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo : Concept Cars

I’ll say this for the Bugatti Veyron: it was an unparalleled masterwork of engineering, but not an especially pretty one. Sure, a Veyron will catch your eye if you know what it is (or what it costs), but it’s no classic beauty. Now we see the approach Bugatti is taking to future designs, and pretty’s not the word I’d use there either.

How about brutal, shocking, visceral, or terrifying? That’s how I’d describe this, the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo. While it may seem like another Gran Turismo-exclusive video game car, it’s notable for two reasons: one, they actually built a live display car, and two, it previews what we can expect from future Bugattis.

Here’s what the company said about the concept, due at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week:

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo virtual concept previews the design language that the brand has developed for the next chapter of its history following the end of the Veyron era.

“Bugatti’s design DNA has reached a new stage in its evolution,” says Achim Anscheidt, head of the Bugatti design team. “Given the nature of the project, our concept car for Vision Gran Turismo is overstated and pushes performance to the limits, but its progressive design language will clearly show the direction that Bugatti’s design will take in the coming years.” Bugatti Chiron much? I’d be okay with that. I love this vastly more aggressive approach to design we see in this virtual race car. At last, the looks of the Bugatti match its astronomical power output.

No word yet on the virtual car’s “specs”; they only say it uses a W16 engine and all-wheel drive, naturally. But I like what I see here and I need more of it. Here are some shots of the show car and the in-game version. What do you think?

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Nissan Gripz : Concept Cars
Nissan Gripz : Concept Cars

With exterior design by the manufacturer’s team in Paddington and an interior created by their colleagues in Tokyo, the Gripz is billed as “a radical new type of sports car” by Nissan.

As outlined by Autocar last month, the firm intends to gauge reaction to the idea of a sports crossover, but it has already decided to expand the remit of the Z sub-brand to include vehicles that are more ‘everyday’ than the existing 370Z.

The Gripz draws inspiration from two main sources: the classic Datsun 240Z rally car that won the East African Safari Rally in 1971 and sports bicycles that are used as commuter tools during the week but enjoyed at the weekend.

The ‘z’ in Gripz is a direct nod to the Z brand. Visual cues include a distinctive kink in the window line near the C-pillar and a carbonfibre bonnet that apes the black finish on the rally car’s engine cover. A simple three-spoke steering wheel looks like it could have featured on the rally car, although it is adorned with bicycle-influenced graphics.

The Gripz is slightly shorter than a Juke, at 4100mm, and its roofline is 65mm lower. The concept is considerably wider, by 135mm, and its wheelbase is 50mm longer. The front end of the car incorporates many of Nissan’s latest styling cues, including the strong ‘V’ below the prominent badge in the grille and boomerang headlights that are influenced by both the Juke and the 370Z.

The side stance is unmistakably that of a sports car, with references to the stance of the 350Z and 370Z, albeit jacked up on 22in wheels. The cabin appears to have been pulled towards the back, while the roof rails - a mix of body-coloured material and a contrasting metal finish - taper down towards the car’s rear.The rear treatment includes deep scallops in the bodywork, boomerang tail-lights and, in another nod to the 240Z, an unusual carbonfibre element that incorporates a lip spoiler.

The concept uses a version of Nissan’s PureDrive Hybrid system, with a petrol engine acting as a range extender to keep the batteries charged and electric motors driving all four wheels. A production model would be based on Nissan’s forthcoming CMF AB platform - set to be used by the next Micra and Juke - and wouldbe front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, with a turbocharged petrol engine.

The cabin is deliberately industrial, because Nissan’s designers in Tokyo wanted it to reflect the functionality of a sports bicycle. There are just a handful of materials on show, including artificial leather, carbonfibre and coloured metal with a mixture of gloss and anodised finishes.

Some of the leather patches are designed to be removed or changed for personalisation or if the owner wants even more of a bare cabin look. The layout is a 2+2, with two deeply scalloped rear seats cut into what looks like a single-piece panel.

A pair of carbonfibre spoilers at the end of the roofline give a modest boost to head room for the rear passengers, although they also house the hinges for the hatchback. The concept does without side mirrors, instead using cameras mounted in the ‘gills’ on the front wings.

Nissan says the Gripz is a design study, but the brief for the design contest was to consider how the firm “can continue to lead the B-crossover market” and a 2+2 sports crossover - positioned alongside or slightly above the Juke in the line-up and carrying the fabled Z badge - is very likely to make production.

Philippe Klein, Nissan’s product planning chief, told Autocar at the Frankfurt motor show: “The concept is an exploration, to see different trends in the market. With crossovers and SUVs we’ve strengths already. We see people still looking for a dynamic sports car. Fuel economy also, and alternative drive. All these topics. [The concept] explores the best way to combine all these."

Klein did however say that the 370Z remains a success and Nissan had “no urgency” for a replacement, although he did say that “standard evolution is not best for this kind of product”. “We won’t see a 390Z or 400Z,” he said, as it “doesn’t make a lot of sense” in the current market.

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2014 Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique : Photos
2014 Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique : Photos

Sources : 2014 Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique Photo
2016 Honda NSX Coming This Spring : News
2016 Honda NSX Coming This Spring : News

It has been confirmed that following a delay, production of the 2016 Honda NSX will start during spring in the United States next year. Shortly after production kicks off, deliveries will commence around the world.

Senior vice president of Honda Motor Europe Philip Ross also confirmed that trial production of the Japanese hybrid supercar has started at the company’s plant in Raymond, Ohio. Production of the car was initially delayed by six months due to Honda changing its engine layout in the midst of development.

Powering the car is a twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 engine mated to an electric motor at the rear. A nine-speed dual-clutch transmission then sends power to the ground. In an effort to ensure this powertrain package remains as cool as possible, three individual radiators are featured. One of them is found at the front of the 2016 Honda NSX while the other two hide behind the side air intakes. To improve efficiency, the front radiator is tilted forwards by 25 degrees.

When the new NSX reaches the market, it will compete against the likes of the McLaren 570S, Mercedes-AMG GT, Jaguar F-Type R Coupe and Porsche 911 Turbo S.

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