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Music : Sean Paul : Come On To Me

Birth Name : Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques
Born : 9 January 1973 (age 41)
Origin : Kingston, Jamaica
Genres : Reggae, dancehall, ragga, R&B, hip hop
Occupations : Musician, rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, actor
Years active : 1991–present
Labels : VP, Atlantic

Sean Paul is a Jamaican Grammy-winning dancehall, rapper and reggae artist who has a net worth of $11 million dollars. Sean Paul is a DJ and reggae singer, who rose to fame with the Dutty Cup Crew before embarking on a solo career. He has released four successful solo albums, and has been nominated for five Grammy Awards, winning one in 2004.

Born Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques on January 9, 1973, in Kingston, Jamaica, he broke into the pop mainstream in 2002 with Dutty Rock. Prior to entering the mainstream, he first started scoring hit singles in Jamaica in 1996 and steadily attracted international attention eventually becoming a dancehall superstar. Although his education and athletic skills were enough to land him a prosperous career, dancehall music (particularly crafting rhythm tracks) was Paul's first love and his true calling. It didn't take him much time to become a DJ, after which he also started writing his own songs, patterning his style largely after Super Cat and finding a mentor in Don Yute. He saw the release of his debut single, "Baby Girl," in 1996, which proved a significant success. The single was just a forerunner of further Jamaican hits like "Nah Get No Bly (One More Try)," "Deport Them," "Excite Me," "Infiltrate," and "Hackle Mi." It was in 1999 that Sean Paul has actually started to make inroads to American audiences. His first collaboration was with fellow dancehall hitmaker Mr. Vegas on a production for rapper DMX titled "Here Comes the Boom." Paul went on to score a Top Ten hit on the Billboard rap charts with "Hot Gal Today." In the fall of 2000, Paul released his first album, Stage One, on VP Records. The sprawling album included many of Paul's previous hit singles and compilation cuts, among a few brand-new tracks. His subsequent album releases Dutty Rock (2002) and The Trinity (2005) were extremely successful, both of them peaking the Top Ten album chart and featuring a handful of mainstream smashes. His 2009 release Imperial Blaze spawned hit singles like "So Fine" and "Hold My Hand," the latter a duet with Keri Hilson. The most recent Sean Paul's albums Tomahawk Technique (2012) and Full Frequency (2013), again successful, came as another reason for his fans to eagerly look forward to his next project.

Car : Mercedes-Benz SL 500
Price : $106,700

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Sources : Sean Paul Photo | Come On To Me Video | Mercedes-Benz SL 500 Photo | Sean Paul Article
Spada Codatronca : Photos
Spada Codatronca : Photos

Sources : Spada Codatronca Photo
GA Dealers Want Tesla Dealerships Gone : News
GA Dealers Want Tesla Dealerships Gone : News

Auto dealers in Georgia are the latest seeking to shut down Tesla Motors’ factory-owned stores.

The Georgia Automobile Dealers Association filed a petition of enforcement Friday with state regulators arguing that Tesla’s direct-sales model violates state law. Tesla has one store in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta and is planning two more stores in metro Atlanta.

“It’s just very simple -- we want them to comply with the law the way others are,” Bill Morie, president of the Georgia dealers association, told Automotive News.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Georgia joins a growing list of states where Tesla has tussled with dealers over whether the electric vehicle maker’s factory-owned stores violate state laws on direct sales. In some states recently, including Pennsylvania and New York, compromises were reached, allowing Tesla to operate factory stores but with a cap on the number of locations allowed.

In its petition, the Georgia dealers association is asking state regulators to prohibit Tesla from selling its vehicles, revoke the company’s existing dealer license and deny any attempt by Tesla to renew or reapply for a license.

The association suggests that Tesla improperly obtained the license by claiming that it qualified for a statutory exception allowing direct sales for makers of custom vehicles selling less than 150 a year.

Tesla does not qualify for the exception, the association argues, because it does not manufacture to custom design specifications and it is already selling more than 150 vehicles in Georgia a year.

“New-vehicle dealers just want a level playing field on which to complete,” Morie said. “No one should be allowed to act as if they are above the law, especially when there is a simple path to compliance that everyone else has agreed to follow.”

That path to compliance? Using a franchised dealer network like other manufacturers, an association spokesman said.

With generous tax breaks for EVs, Georgia is a market of growing importance for electric vehicle makers.

Based on percentage of retail registrations, Atlanta ranked as the No. 2 EV market among major metropolitan areas in the 12 months ending March 31, according to IHS Automotive.

Of all new vehicles registered in Atlanta, 2.15 percent were EVs, behind only San Francisco.

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Sources : GA Dealers Photo | GA Dealers Article
1980 Lotus Eclat : Classic Cars
1980 Lotus Eclat : Classic Cars

A beautiful, well preserved example, one of 121 built that year (and one of 1,519 of all versions and years of Eclats built).....63,000 original miles, excellent galvanized chassis, superb fiberglass body with color impregnated into the gel coat...and, thus, in excellent condition. Engine was just fully serviced, new timing belt, carbs cleaned and adjusted, fitted with Luminition optical electronic ignition.

5 speed transmission, inboard rear brakes, new Spax adjustable shocks with adjustable spring perches, new springs, rebuilt front end, new lightweight racing Panasport alloy wheels with 205/55-14 hgh speed Pirellis, fabulously well preserved original black leather interior, perfect original headliner, air conditioning, new stereo/CD with iPod input, halogen headlights, driving lights, really in superb condition.

Work just done by us: serviced and converted a/c system to R134 (works perfectly), new exhaust manifold, make sure the vacuum operated headlights work perfectly, front end rebuilt, four wheel alignment, changed fluids, and installed a new 140 mph speedo (to replace the original silly 85 mph speedo), got the power mirrors working, added a lot of accessories.

These cars are true 'sleepers' in the collector's market. When new, they were very expensive...virtually the same price as a Mercedes SL sports car. BUT with a galvanized chassis and fiberglass body/floor....rusting is not part of the Lotus equation.

The engine is a 2 liter 16v DOHC 907 unit as first installed in Jensen Healeys and then when fully sorted (alas, this sorting process helped kill Jensen), used in the Lotus Elite II, Eclat, Esprit, and (with turbo charger) Turbo Esprit. The twin Stromberg carbs are the same as fitted to late model 4.2 liter E Type Jaguars....ample breathing for a 2 liter engine.

Phenomenal handling, sensational ride (the fast you go, the smoother the ride), comfy cozy four seater (and with adequate room in the back for 5'8" adults) with an amply large trunk, civilized, even power windows and mirrors, heated rear window, power steering, and very easy to service and maintain unlike most of its other exotic car cousins. Remarkably, EVERYTHING works.

As an example of the ease of most maintenance, we rebuilt the front end (was a bit loose) and the parts came to not much more than $150 for ball joints, trunnion rebuild kits, and tie rod ends. Compare those prices to Jaguar, Ferrari, Mercedes, or even Honda and Toyota.

I owned an identical 1980 Eclat 15 years ago and it was one of the best, most reliable, enjoyable GT cars I ever owned. Granted, with 140hp, it is not capable of 0-60 in four seconds or a top speed in excess of 180 mph. But most of the performance figures of modern Supercars are simply for 'bragging rights' and are inconsistent with real world driving.

Twin Webers (or Dell Ortos) and some mild cam timing revision can get a lot more power and torque (with a 2.2 liter crank, high compression pistons, and other work, one online site quotes 200 hp available without turbocharging) but as it is, the car moves along very nicely and is a thrill to drive rapidly.

Even with three passengers aboard.

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Sources : 1980 Lotus Eclat Photo | 1980 Lotus Eclat Article
Mosler Raptor GTR : Concept Cars
Mosler Raptor GTR : Concept Cars

While a certain Chinese billionaire is waiting for his “1 of 1″ Koenigsegg Agera R BLT to be released from the iron first of Chinese import officials, Mosler released images of their latest creation, the Mosler RaptorGTR. Like the Agera R BLT, the RaptorGTR will hopefully be making it’s home at the expense of one very lucky buyer. The cost? $700,000.

Based on the potent and accomplished Mosler Mt900R the one of one Mosler RaptorGTR carries on the tradition of American road racing technology for the street. With a power to weight ration of 649 hp/ton it’s a no nonsense track day RPG. That astonishing power to weight figure is better than any other car currently produced on planet Earth. Yes, even better than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports 548 hp/ton. I know, that makes you sad.

Mosler took a pretty simple and logical approach to achieving that insane ratio. If acceleration=force/mass, then decrease the mass and increase the force and voila you should have a car capable of low-level orbit. Mosler reduced the mass of the MT900R’s chassis through extensive use of carbon fiber throughout the construction of the Raptor GTR’s body. The roof structure alone is constructed of 20 layers of carbon fiber bonded together to help create one of the strongest crash structures ever. Crash dummies rejoice. In the end, the RaptorGTR weighs in at paltry 2,580 lb– nearly a ton less than the 1,200-hp Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

In terms of power, Mosler went the traditional route. They sourced a 7.0 Liter LS motor, strapped two turbos, cranked the boost to “destroy facial bone structure” and called it a day. Automobile Magazine’s Ezra Dryer likened the acceleration of the RaptorGTR to that of a bomb exploding behind the rear bumper, so it’s pretty safe to say that the straightline is savage.

So if you’re looking for another car to comapre the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to, look no further. But if any auto journalist is lucky enough to get their hands on one of these to run some tests, we’re pretty sure that we could add the RaptorGTR to our top five cars that aren’t the Bugatti Veyron.

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Sources : Mosler Raptor GTR Photo | Mosler Raptor GTR Article
Marussia B2 : Current Models
Marussia B2 : Current Models

An evolution of Russia’s first supercar, the B2 is an overt expression of our capabilities and ambition. Using the same exceptionally light and strong chassis structure combined with Marussia-Cosworth power units, the B2 allows our designers and our customers to explore their wilder side.

Cleverly styled to mimic the ‘M’ of the Marussia logo, the B2 has an incredibly powerful face. Satin black paintwork emphasises the hungry intakes and geometric elements to the grille and headlamp apertures, while deeply recessed intakes ahead of the rear wheels add to the B2 insectile appearance.

Just as the B1 and B2 share chassis and powertrain designs, so they also utilise the same adjustable suspension (developed in partnership with German brand KW), hugely powerful brakes, ultra-light alloy wheels and high-performance tyres.

The B2 also has some striking differences. One you’ll notice as you make to climb in are the doors, which open in a different but equally dramatic way to the steeply upswept doors of the B1. The interior is also a unique design, although it features all the equipment and multimedia systems that set a Marussia apart from all other supercars.

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Sources : Marussia B2 Photo | Marussia B2 Article