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2017 Toyota Land Cruiser : Concept Cars

One has to wonder how much longer will Toyota and Lexus take their sweet time until the redesigned Land Cruiser and LX will be presented to the world. More so when both full-size sport utility vehicles are have been leaked yet again. As such, it’s not that big of a deal for the carmakers to debut them already.

In the Middle East, these capable SUVs are probably the most (under)appreciated vehicles available to purchase. Take the UAE as a prime example: when the million-dollar hypercars wrapped in gold and crocodile skin aren’t enough to get one places, there’s a Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 570 waiting in the garage for some extreme offroading.

Four-wheeled camels or the juggernauts of the high dunes, whatever people in these places call them, the V8-powered 4x4 twins ooze capability and comfort. But now it’s time for a facelift to be applied and good golly - both of them look as if higher-ups gave the design department complete control. In a nutshell, the siblings became more visually appealing without sacrificing their “go-anywhere in style” philosophy.

In the Lexus LX 570 facelift’s case, we’re dealing with a big front grille flanked by razor-sharp LEDs incorporated in the headlights and fog lights. As for the taillights, these appear to be inspired by the Lexus IS’ clusters. Inside is business as usual, only more lavish than what’s going on with the Land Cruiser.

In the Toyota-branded model’s defense, the dashboard and overall design of the cabin are pretty good for a vehicle that was primarily designed to climb every mountain and ford every stream. More than anything, the chrome inserts in the headlights hark back to the current-gen Corolla, albeit not the US-spec model.

The updated Land Cruiser and LX 570 will employ a more efficient version of the 3UR-FE 5.7-liter V8, churning out 383 horsepower and 403 lb-ft (546 Nm). Courtesy of Bani Yas Cars, the adjacent photo gallery speaks louder than words. The wait for them to be launched early next year will be well worth it.

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