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Legarto Invisium : Concept Cars

Designed as a 2015-age car in 2012, the Legarto Inivisium is a brain-child of Polish designer Paulo Czyzewski (spelled much differently in actual Polish, mind you). You might recognize him as the bloke who cooked up the Bugatti Gangloff, one of the more famous concepts of this decade.

This concept deviates from the usual over-the-top "concept" tropes: impossible angles that make cars look like Playstation models and dangerously implemented curves that give Czyzewski's concepts an otherworldly feel... the same feel that makes it seem not many of his visions will see it to reality. An Invisium dream, if you will.

Okay, I'll stop.

The Legarto Invisium looks more realistic, is the point. The interior is something else to behold (although most concept interiors looks doable, to be honest), but the chassis seems to take after a Jaguar XK. You know, a car that both exists and is pretty popular. The look is more modern, which is funny, because originally when I set out to feature this car I was looking for the anticipated specs. It's likeable as a concept, and looks extremely customizable, and I'd like to see one happen.

Whenever that'll be. Sergio happened, even if it DID eventually get a windshield.

Sources : Legarto Invisum Photo


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