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A. Kahn Design is the ‘dream factory' that specialises in inspirational design realisation. Our team brings together a blend of expertise and experience from a diverse knowledgebase of real world design problem solving.

Our industrial designers are experienced in a breadth of project work that ranges from the precision of fine Swiss timepieces to the elegant fluency of high performance sports car design. Our development processes utilise computer aided design and state-of-the-art rapid prototyping techniques to allow our team to take a design brief from a clean sheet of paper to a working prototype with accomplished ease.

A. Kahn Design is behind the creation of many inspiring and aspirational vehicles and other products. In 1996, the company introduced the acclaimed RSR alloy wheel. It remains an incredibly successful product, representing the first time anywhere that the wheel spoke had been extended to the edge of the rim. This style has been much emulated since.

The RS and LE series of vehicles for Project Kahn are current production models which have been extremely well received in the market place, and the Wide Track Defender for Chelsea Truck Company is a runaway success proving wildly popular with the buying public. A. Kahn Design is also the creative element behind the products of Ant-Kahn, Britain's newest car manufacturer and coach builder.

In addition to our product and automotive capabilities, we also have a strong print and digital media presence. In print we are able to deliver objective and well balanced design that strikes perfect harmony with its target audience. Our print and digital work is rich in fresh visual energy, combined with insightful colour choices and precisely composed layout. Our web team deliver web sites that combine intricate back end programming with intuitive user interfaces.

Supporting our activities in all fields of design, we have a strong capability in photography and videography. We routinely capture still and moving images which convey the essence of the subject matter that they portray and which play an invaluable role in bringing all our specialist design work to life.

Kahn Automobiles is a discriminating purveyor of the world's most accomplished supercars and bespoke vehicles. The products of the best and most prestigious automotive manufacturers form the basis of our personalisation programmes which strive to create the perfect integration of luxury, style and performance.

In the same way that the cloth of a Savile Row suit is cut to the precise requirements of the client, so the Kahn Automobiles customer creates his or her definition of perfection, which is then turned into reality by our highly skilled designers and engineers.

In addition to our core business, we are increasingly being asked to cater for a desire to be seen in sophisticated and stylish classic vehicles. We use the same skill and expertise in sourcing fine examples of some of the greatest and most sought after historical and classic vehicles as we do with our supercars and bespoke collection.

Kahn Automobiles have prestige showrooms in Bradford and Chelsea, with a new showroom opening soon in Leeds.

Kahn Styling market an extensive range of vehicle enhancements that can elevate any vehicle from the mundane to the extraordinary. From stylish and desirable wheels to the most dynamic vehicle styling accessories on the market today, our visual enhancements can transform a good car into a head turning automotive style icon.

It's not just the exterior of a vehicle that can benefit from our magic touch. Our hand stitched leather interiors are a singular expression of exquisite style and luxury. Our racing seats, steering wheels, drilled pedals and reworked dials all contribute to the car's tactile user feedback experience and help to create a sense of oneness between driver and car.

Since the very invention of time, man has sought to record its passing with style and precision. Kahn Clocks and Watches continue to pursue that aim and seek to create our own place within this great tradition.

Our elegant and desirable range of watches is designed in Great Britain and manufactured in Switzerland, the acknowledged home of the precision timepiece. Our clocks are equally well designed and are built to the rigorous and exacting standards associated with all Kahn Group products.

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