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Supervettes SV7 : Concept Cars

So far, we’ve yet to really see too many tuning houses take the new C7 Corvette and customize it to their own liking. But Florida-based Supervettes thinks the new Stingray needs some enhancing. And a widebody kit.

Announcing the arrival of its new SV7 on Facebook, Supervettes gave us a small sampling of what we could expect from the new tuned Stingray. Along with a revised hood line and a widebody kit, the SV7 will come with “well beyond” 625 horsepower and will “rival of the looks of the new Corvette Z06,” says founder Jason Hunkler.

Other features are still under wraps at the moment, but Supervettes did say that the new SV7 will be ready for sale beginning this fall. All we know is that if it looks anything like the SV8.R concept pictured here, that would be fine by us.

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