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Infiniti Vision GT : Concept Cars

At first glance, the Infiniti Vision GT Concept looks like a car that you would find in your favorite video game. Well, if you’re favorite video is Gran Turismo 6, then you’d be correct with that sort of thinking. Now the digital supercar has made its way to the real world as Infiniti pulls the curtain back on the real life version of the Infiniti Vision GT.

Created by Infiniti’s Beijing-based design team, it was highly unlikely that we’d ever see this menacing model take on a physical form. It was originally developed as a download for GT6 on PS3, but after a ton of fan appraisal, the Japanese auto maker couldn’t resist teasing us with a physical concept of the naturally aspirated V8 specimen. And while we doubt we’ll ever see this thing on the showroom floor at our local Infiniti dealership, anything is possible.

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