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Cali Smog Check Bill Could Be Skipped? : News

A smog check exemption bill proposed in California would allow classic-car owners to pay a $200 fee to dodge the state's strict smog test.

The test is designed to reduce air pollution.

Vehicles would have to meet certain criteria in order to qualify for the exemption, according to A.B. 550.

The vehicles must be 30 years or older, failed a smog test and have failed a "subsequent smog test after necessary repairs were made."

Fees would be paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles and deposited in the state's Air Quality Improvement Fund.

The bill was introduced on February 23 by Republican Assembly Member Marie Waldron. The bill was amended on March 26 and is under consideration by the Assembly Transportation Committee.

The SEMA Action Network is urging passage of the bill.

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