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540C Is The Lowest Mclaren Goes : News

McLaren has announced the 540C will remain the company's entry-level model as a cheaper car is not being considered. After promising to remain an independent marque, McLaren now says they won't move further down market by launching a sub-540C model. The reveal was made by the company's global director of communications Wayne Bruce in an interview with our colleagues from The Truth About Cars. He went on to specify McLaren isn't interested in mass production and it is not possible at this point to come out with a base McLaren priced at less than $100,000 due to the production costs related to carbon fiber. Bruce said McLaren is now making a profit and they don't want to risk profitability by investing in a mass market model. He also believes coming out with such a car would ruin the brand's exclusivity, but they do estimate total production will eventually reach 4,000 units per year once the Sports Series lineup will be complete. This annual production figure represents the maximum capacity of McLaren's factory in Woking factory and Bruce says it will likely remain the limit as they are not considering an expansion of the facility or building a new one.

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