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2016 Nissan R36 GTR Nismo : Concept Cars

The Fukushima nuclear reactor leak has sent massive amounts of radioactive waste into the ocean causing something evil to awake. From the depths of the ocean floor raises Godzilla and he is looking to eat up some unsuspecting exotic cars on the track and spew fire from his arse. Yes everyone it is time to seek shelter as the 2016 Nissan GT-R is not that far away from us, and with it comes new looks and more horsepower. Nissan’s engineering wizardry is yet again taking a quantum leap into the future and with it comes a better GT-R (if that is possible).

We will still get to see the R35 GT-R Nismo Edition arrive for 2015 as it is rumored to offer 600hp and lose 240lbs of weight. If that is the case then we should see some even more remarkable statistics coming from the fastest Nissan. The Nismo edition GT-R will have a few aerodynamic treats to help improve down-force at speeds of over 100mph as well as lower the current drag coefficient. As for the brakes we will likely see carbon ceramic discs and lightweight forged wheels from Rays. As the car currently is both a force of reckoning on the track and in a straight line makes this writer salivate for what the future holds.

For the R36 2016 GT-R there is a lot of speculation that the electrical engineers at Nissan have been working on a prototype kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) that will handle up to 40% power and torque of the vehicle therefore allowing the lowering the petrol engine size and therefore saving weight and adding fuel economy. This means the car will lose the second drive shaft and front differential. The team has been working to utilize large capacitors to store the energy instead of batteries so that there is an even greater weight savings. Since the technology is still new then it will likely weigh much more then say in five years time, but the amount of torque that two front wheels will receive could add to the full equation and may just get this car to a record breaking 0-60 and 0-100 times.

Many of us fear the influx of electric motors but know this; if Nissan is going to place it in the GT-R then it is going to provide more positives than negatives as the GT-R has been such a success for the company. With all the different performance possibilities up in the air, Nissan is being very secretive about their product which means that we can only speculate at this moment in time. Though we know little about the GT-R 2016 R36, we do know that the company it set to make the vehicle the best car for the money and if they continue to lower manufacturing costs of carbon fiber production as well as alloys then we will be in for quite a treat. So expect great things from Nissan because they are coming.

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