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At the start, it is the cornerstone, the first and most interesting creative process in the development of the future tuning kit prototype. Dozens, and if necessary, hundreds of sketches are prepared by artists of our design studio in Germany. Usually magazine art directors check the color and form balance by hanging pages with design layouts on the walls of their office.

The same happens here: dozens of sketches are needed to develop one car tuning kit, to see its whole image and individual details. This stage is full of numerous emotional and sometimes what seems like infinite discussions, but at the same time requires bold and timely decision-making.

The experts of the creative team thoroughly analyze technical features of the car and combine design with technical capabilities. The best sketch is selected and elaborated in additional drawings. In this process the future image is shaped and the ideas, thoughts and emotions obtain their final form.

The transformation of the car appearance is the result of thorough and precise work of the designer and model maker with modelling clay. This is one of the most expensive and complicated materials used in the development of concept cars and tuning packages.

No machine or software can replace the art of manual modeling. Only the direct interaction with the car, when we put a part of our soul and our feelings into it, enables the appearance of elements embodying our design philosophy. Amazing process of appearance of new surfaces and lines mesmerizing the eye. In this fascinating process the model maker creates the individual image of the car, outlining and shaping new facets and surfaces, like a jeweler. The unique combination of seemingly contradictory lines is the real art of transformation.

The specialists of LARTE Design make sure of quality and precision of their design, and the installation of each kit is as exciting as a theatre performance is for actors.

The turning of a key, soft roar of the engine - the voice of the vehicle, and the movement forward. No matter how many tuning kits have been developed by LARTE Design, each of them becomes unique, the soul of only one single car. Yours.

Always trying to anticipate our customers’ wishes, LARTE Design symbolizes the art of transformation, passion for self-expression and individuality. All these feelings inspire our highly professional team of unique specialists to create bold design ideas, combining elegance with truly muscular, aggressive lines.

Utmost attention to details, craftsmanship, precision of lines and surfaces enable us to develop fascinating, eye-catching tuning elements, which will not let your car stay unnoticed on the road. The constantly increasing number of customers all over the world is yet one more sign of the recognition of our company. The name LARTE means “the art to create”, which reflects the company’s credo – to create following the laws of art. The emblem contains all symbols which reflect the company’s philosophy.

The royal blue is the color of noble origin, and it also symbolizes the Alpine sky, which the company founders saw in Germany. The four horseshoes mean good luck and happiness, as well as the succession from a horse to a car. You can notice the letter “K” in one of the horseshoes, which stands for “company”. The eight stripes symbolize eternity and prosperity. The emblem is a harmonious combination of all these signs and a proud symbol of the company on the grille of each modified car.

LARTE Design actively participates in specialized international shows and is open to any kind of interesting cross-marketing projects. Our core business principles are quality and transparent relationships with partners. We are always open for a dialog, new projects and the pursuit of perfection.

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