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iHUD is the world's first multimedia, heads-up display. It’s able to project a 4.5 inch virtual image directly on to the windshield, this lets the drivers see the screen and information on their Smartphone or other device without their eyes ever leaving the road so it greatly increases safety while driving. You can use the iHUD to display navigational information on the windshield making it easy to follow directions and as it has an Ultra-high brightness of 3000 candela per square meter and a 500 to 1 contrast ratio, the image is clearly visible, even in bright daylight. You can also use this to receive calls and participate in video chats as the image on your phone's display is projected in full color directly onto the windshield.

The iHUD uses patented optical-imaging techniques, which means there is no need to adjust the focal length of the image and with the intelligent light source detection the brightness will be automatically adjust for the ambient light conditions. With an adjustable base holder that can move up to 15 degrees in either direction plus the angle of the base can be adjusted to accommodate a range of different dashboards allowing the iHUD to be used in the majority of cars and vans.

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