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Wireless charging is a great way to keep your phone battery topped off while it's not in your hands. Having a charger on your desk is really handy, and it makes the worries of battery life on today's big-screen phones just about nonexistent. But one place that really needs some wireless charging love in the car — and it's about to get some.

The folks at Air Dock have kicked off an Indiegogo campaign for what they call the world's best smartphone car charger, and after using it for a couple days I have to agree with them. If you use — and I mean really use — your phone in the car, for navigation, or phone calls, or as a music player or to entertain the passenger with a video or two, this is what you need.

It looks and acts like a well-built car dock. The suction base will grip tight to your window or one of those adhesive disks on your dash, and it's fully articulated to swing into any position. I found it works well in the center of the windshield up by the mirror, or over by the side pillar if you want it out of the way or Mr. Policeman says you can't have it in the center. It uses a regular USB to microUSB cable for the charging circuit, so any long cable or extension (I used the one that came with an Apple Keyboard) can be tucked under the trim and routed out of the way. It does require a 2Amp connection, like most wireless chargers, so be sure your cigarette plug or hard-wired power source supplies it.

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