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1987 Buick GNX : Classic Cars

ASC/McLaren partnered with Buick to produce one of the best muscle cars ever. Buick GNX program manager, Lou Infante, said it best when he remarked “The net result is a mid-13 second GNX that’s at home on the drag strip, road course and interstate.”

From the outside the only difference between the Grand National and the GNX was a different set of wheels. The GNX had aluminum wheels with black centers and flared fenders while the Grand National had chrome wheels. Also, the front fender badges were removed and “GNX” badges were added to the grill and the rear deck lid. The interior was identical to the Grand National with the exception of a badge on the instrument panel that showed the cars production number.

The real heart of the GNX was under the hood. The V6 turbo was upgraded with special bearings, rods and a strengthened valve train. A Garrett AiResearch turbo was linked to a special designed intercooler. The GNX’s computer was modified to enhance fuel mix, turbo boost and transmission performance. The result was 276 horsepower and a massive 360 lbs-fts of torque. There was so much torque available that a special ladder bar was installed beneath the car. It ran from the mid-section of the car to the rear axle to increase rear wheel traction. As a result, the GNX will actually lift the rear end up when the car is about to launch heavily. It’s an interesting and intimidating sight.

The price of admission for the GNX was $29,900 and 547 people had to have one. That is almost twice the cost of the garden variety Grand National. For that considerable sum the buyer got a production car capable of thirteen and a half second quarter mile times. Throughout the late 1980’s, the GNX dominated drag strips across the nation.

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