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1980 Mistubishi Starion : Classic Cars

The Starion used a high-performance, fuel-efficient Series 80-2000ECI turbo engine, incorporating the MCA-JET and spiral-injection and acceleration-increase mechanism. Further, it included exceptional aerodynamic characteristics, such as a super-slant nose, to reduce lift; a wedge shape to reduce air resistance; and a tumble form for yaw-moment control. Moreover, Mitsubishi's technological prowess was brought to bear on driving stability and safety. With an overall-performance record that is the equal of the Porsche 924 turbo, it was a highly promising vehicle that sought to lead the automobile market.

Overall length 4,400mm
Overall width 1,685mm
Overall height 1,320mm
Wheelbase 2,435mm
Type of engine G63B
Engine description 4-cylinder

Displacement 1,997cc
Horsepower 145ps

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Sources : 1980 Mistubishi Starion Photo | 1980 Mistubishi Starion Article


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