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Back in the day, Robert Farago was a freelance writer living in the UK. After Autocar blacklisted the auto writer for slating then Editor-In-Chief Steve Sutcliffe (for boasting about driving a Lamborghini with his eyes closed), Farago started posting rants on Despite (or because of) Fahrenheit 451 temp replies, he created a regular series called “The Truth About Cars.” When Farago moved to the U.S., he started TTAC.

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Branding : Lincoln Nearly Axed By Mullaly, Saved By Fields
Author : Cameron Miquelon

Today marks the day Mark Fields becomes CEO of Ford, taking up where now-former CEO Alan Mullaly leaves off. This day may also mark the day Lincoln begins its slow climb back from the brink, especially when Mullaly once considered killing the brand before Fields became its champion.

Bloomberg reports Lincoln, then struggling to find footing after years of assimilating Fords upmarket with no unique product in sight, would have gone the way of Mercury had not Fields and global marketing chief Jim Farley convinced Mullaly that the brand was worth saving. Now that he is CEO, Fields will be leading the effort to bring Lincoln up to fighting trim.

The first product of this effort is the MKC, which shares its mechanical base with the Ford Escape and its 2.3-liter EcoBoost turbo-four with the upcoming Ford Mustang. However, the crossover’s design is 85 percent unique to itself, and has premium features on par with its competitors — BMW X3, Audi Q5, Acura RDX — including soft-touch leather and parallel-parking technology. The crossover follows the MKZ — whose delayed roll-out over technical gremlins prompted the debate over Lincoln’s fate — and will be later joined by a redesigned MKX and the replacement for the MKS.

The MKC will be aimed at drawing buyers from premium brands like Cadillac and Lexus, Ford owners wanting to move up, as well as young first-time buyers and empty nesters looking to downsize. The road back to the top will be long, however; though U.S. sales climbed 21 percent during the first half of 2014 with 37,251 models leaving the showroom, annual sales are 65 percent down from the brand’s peak in 1990.

New Cars : Crapwagon Outtake: A V8 Wagon From Down Under

Author : Derek Kreindler

Even though it’s Canada Day today, my fair nation has never managed to build its own local auto industry with any sort of distinct brand.

Ok, that’s not entirely accurate. In the 1960′s, GM tried establishing some Canadian brands (like Acadian) that died quickly. We’ve never had anything like Holden.

The Commodore gets the lion’s share of attention when it comes time to discuss Australian cars, but Tamerlane’s Thoughts posted this interesting creature that will surely stoke the fires of the B&B’s heart.

The Holden Adventra was a Commodore wagon, raised up ala an Audi Allroad. Underneath the skin was the familiar GM small-block V8 and AWD, meant to compete with the delicious Ford Territory and its turbo I6 engines. The Adventra was a massive flop. And Cadillac gave us the CTS wagon instead.

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