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Lexus Aileron : Concept Cars

The Lexus Aileron is an unusual and radical concept car which was created by Jiyun Seo during her transportation design degree course at Hong-ik University in South Korea. The Aileron’s styling was inspired by the art of origami, and the accordion-like extending body panels mean the car can change its aerodynamic profile depending on the speed at which it is traveling.

The Lexus Aileron concept also features an array of materials and gadgets which, while clever, haven’t actually been invented yet. The body is made of a substance called bio-steel, and there isn’t any mention of how the movable panels are actuated.

But if you can put aside the feasibility issues of the car, just for now, then the Lexus Aileron is a pretty awsome looking concept. It’s certainly unique, with its extremely low profile and dramatically swooping windscreen. And whether the shape-shifting bodywork works or not, the multiple layers it creates give the car an original and striking aesthetic.

Jiyun hasn’t gone into much detail about the Lexus Aileron’s drivetrain – although we know it has been placed at the rear, and it gets plenty of cooling air thanks to the multitude of intakes at the front of the car and above the engine bay.

The interior of the Lexus Aileron concept is strictly made for two occupants. And even then it looks a little bit cramped. The driver and passenger are separated by an extremeley high center console which is almost the same height as the dashboard. The driver is met with a futuristic steering wheel which looks more like an aircraft yoke, and from the looks of it, the passenger’s only entertainment is the scenery whizzing by.

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