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SRT Hellcat Recalls And Warnings : News

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has issued a warning about shady dealerships in dealing with the company’s new Hellcat versions of the Challenger and Charger.

The Hellcat motor is a 707 horsepower monster V8, making it the fastest mass-produced car from the United States and highly sought amongst enthusiasts. Fiat Chrysler’s policy on the cars is each dealer may order 1 per month, and cannot receive another until that one has sold. The shady dealerships are ordering more Hellcats than the program allows, and are sitting on the cars so they can mark them up. Some even up to $30,000 more than the sticker price starting near $60,000. The Hellcat was yesterday placed on recall by Fiat Chrysler for seals near the fuel rail leaking.

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