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Sbarro Aria : Concept Cars

One of the great things about major flyaway motor shows like Geneva, is that you reach a point where you're not completely sure what you're looking at. Once the Audis, Ferraris, and Fords have been discussed to death, there are lovely little surprises like this Sbarro Aria to try and parse.

Working from translations of a two-paragraph press release and a few articles from French publications, we can tell you that the nifty coupe you see above is a very well-executed student project. A team of 26 design scholars from the Sbarro Espera school spent just twelve weeks on the coupe, all starting with practically zero knowledge in the art of prototype building.

The final product was built up using Subaru mechanicals (we're told a 2.0-liter turbo boxer four lives under the hood), and with "composite materials" forming the bodywork. The final product weighs just over 2,400 pounds and makes 217 horsepower, so we'd be happy to show the class how to do a road test the next time we're in Switzerland.

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