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Goodyear Making Concept EV Tire : News

The Tesla Model S is limited to just 265 miles of range under ideal conditions, but what if the range of your EV could be extended by dozens of miles through your tires? Goodyear has proposed a tire concept that converts the heat energy of the tire’s rolling resistance into electricity that can charge the battery of an electric car or plug-in hybrid.

Called the BH03, the flexing of the rubber against the road creates heat energy, which the special rubber compounds in this concept tire can harness. This heat can be converted into electricity, which is then fed directly into a battery bank. Goodyear doesn’t specify how much energy can be recaptured, and what (if any) negative effects this technology might have on ride quality. This is a concept, pure and simple, though something that might not be so far out, scientifically speaking.

Formula 1 cars already use a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) to convert braking energy in a temporary power boost. Electric cars already use regenerative braking to add a little bit of extra range. Perhaps in conjunction with a KERS system and these concept tires, EVs could continue to chip away at range anxiety.

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