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Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf Expands : News

Aston Martin has expanded its Lagonda Taraf availability after initially reserving the new model for customers in the Middle East.

Soon, customers in left-hand-drive European Union markets will also be able to secure one of the limited edition models, along with buyers in the UK and South Africa.

The last two nations ensure the Lagonda Taraf will be built in right-hand-drive, but despite this, it seems customers in Australia will not have the chance to secure one.

That's largely due to local design certification, and Aston has confirmed the Lagonda will not be homologated for Australia.

Aston says production will still be limited to 200 examples, but has not revealed how many of those have already been snapped up by Middle East buyers.

Unveiled midway through last year, the special edition model’s price still remains unknown.

Aston said last year that the price will be “commensurate with the car’s exclusivity, quality, and luxurious nature”, adding this time around that it’s “likely to be significantly different in each case due to very high levels of bespoke content”.

The limousine’s styling draws inspiration from the Lagonda of 1976, with power coming from a 6.0 litre V12 producing 410kW.

"Opening up the Lagonda Taraf to an increased number of customers around the world was a high priority for me as soon as I joined Aston Martin late last year,” CEO Dr Andy Palmer said.

"As a result of today's announcement, we anticipate very quick expressions of interest from customers around the world, many of whom will want to add Lagonda to their luxury and sports car collections.”

The Lagonda Taraf will soon be joined by another strictly limited-edition model in the new Vulcan hypercar, of which only 24 examples will be built.

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