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1998 Shelby Series 1 : Classic Cars

Shelby American went out on a limb in 1998 and released their own car with a custom chassis and Oldsmobile L47 Aurora V8. This was the one and only Shelby product that was made from a clean slate; all previous cars having being derived from a production model. A limited production of 250 cars had many speculating that the Series 1 might become an instant classic and one of the big opportunities of the late 1990s. Shelby chose the 4.0-liter Oldsmobile engine to which offered 320 bhp in a car that weighed only 1,202 kg (2,650 lbs). Some of the initial prototypes were supercharged in excess of 600 bhp. True to the Cobra's concept, the Series One had an aluminum body with carbonfibre honeycomb panels for the floorboards. Inside the car was sparse and used widely available OEM controls and a wide range of options that included a carbon fiber dashboard, air conditioning, power windows and a GM Monsoon stereo system.

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