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1974 BMW 2002 Turbo : Classic Cars

Keeping with the theme of big horsepower in small packages, I humbly serve you this 2002Turbo for your enjoyment.

The 2002 Turbo was introduced at the 1973 Frankfurt Auto Show. Developed by then BMW Motorsport, later renamed BMW M, the distinguishing feature of the Turbo was the Kuhnle, Kopp & Kausch turbocharger. It was mounted low on the right front of the engine and air was fed to it through a tube. The holes in the front spoiler are for cooling. The large center opening is for the oil cooler, while the smaller one to the right is used for the tube that feeds cool air directly onto the turbo itself.

Said turbo helped the miniscule 1990cc engine produce 170 hp at 5800 RPM up from the standard 2002’s 108 hp. Even the very sought after 2002tii with its kugelfischer mechanic fuel injection mustered a mere 130hp.

The 2002turbo is also credited with being Europe’s first production turbo charged car, long before Porsche introduced it’s version of the 911turbo, dubbed the 930T in 1975.

Today’s Super Bild is draped in Dakar Yellow paint with a classic black racing stripe and adorned with riveted fender flares to accommodate the larger 16in wheels. There is something so pure and simple about the 2002 design that lends well to tasteful modifications. No wonder the tuning crowd has taken the 2002 under its wing and is showing it the love and respect it deserves. It’s also the reason why it’s becoming harder to find a used 2002 at a reasonable price.

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