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1971 MG MGB : Classic Cars

MG stood for "Morris Garages" of Oxford, England which began way back in 1924 or 1925, at a dealer of Morris brand vehicles which were then modified into various, special, "sportscar-style" bodies. The actual year of inception discrepancy depends on which version you read from historical documents available. Anyhow, the marque was actually started, as a stand-alone brand for certain, in March of 1928.

The first MGB's, referred to as MkI's (1962 to 1967), were all 2-door roadsters with convertible soft-tops and 1798cc, 4-cylinder engines and rear-wheel drive. In 1966 they also released a 2-door hatchback, coupe version with 2+2 seating, called the MGB-GT, also with the 1798cc, 4-cylinder engine, which would last only through 1974 for the U.S. market (but would continue through 1980 in Europe).

An attempt to make the MGB-GT a viable option, and to compete with other more powerful vehicles of the day, they shoe-horned a version of the Buick/Rover designed, 215 ci, V8 engine into it and called it the MGB-GT V8. (Read More)

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