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Tonino Lamborghini Mobile 88 Tauri : Accessories

For a product to deserve the Lamborghini moniker it needs three things: high cost, style, and performance. At CES 2015, Tonino Lamborghini Mobile was showing off its new 88 Tauri Android-powered smartphone. With a price tag of $6,000, it certainly meets the first criteria. However, after getting some hands-on time with it, we're not sure if it completely lives up to the style and performance of its namesake.

Step Aside, Vertu.
Externally, the 88 Tauri bears all the hallmarks of other luxury phones, such as a premium build using automotive grade stainless steel, hand-stitched leather, and the option to have it gold-plated. The leather is available in five different colors, including black, brown, red, orange, and blue, and each phone is assembled by hand. Despite the premium materials, it doesn't feel as luxurious as we'd like for its price, especially when compared to phones from the other major player in the luxury phone category, Vertu.

While most of Vertu's phones are far north of the $6,000 price of the 88 Tauri, it does have the new Aster smartphone that is in the same price range and does look to be a nicer device, at least in the very short time we were allowed to touch one.

When we asked how the 88 Tauri compared to Vertu's offerings, Tonino Lamborghini said it didn't consider them to be in the same category since Vertu's phones cost more and use "older mobile technology." This isn't entirely accurate however, since both the 88 Tauri and the Aster are powered by a Snapdragon 801 SoC.

The 88 Tauri looks like a phone that's trying too hard to be different. Rather than looking sporty, it looks a bit garish due to the unnecessary riveted grip panels and speaker grille on the back, along with the tapered sides on each corner and angled cuts to the camera accent panel shown above.

It would also be nice to see an additional luxury material like carbon fiber used for the accent pieces of the phone. Interestingly, unlike most other luxury phones, the 88 Tauri does not use sapphire glass for its display, instead using its own custom shatter and scratch-proof glass, which Tonino Lamborghini claims is better.

While the 88 Tauri falls short of our style expectations, it's still a well-made, premium looking phone. The stainless steel makes it a very heavy device though, and when combined with its large size and boxy design it becomes a little unwieldy.

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