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Since its release in 2012, the Tesla Model S has become an unqualified hit in the luxury car world, a new symbol for progress and technology. It has also inspired countless tech-savvy individuals to create a crowdsourced marketing campaign for the company, including Digital Giant, which just released what is arguably the best Tesla fan commercial yet.

That’s high praise considering some of the past contenders like Gallons of Light and Modern Spaceship, but after you’ve watched this brief video, I think you’ll agree. Digital Giant, which describes itself as a “multi-discipline image studio”, undertook this project they call LIGHTDRIVE to combine some of the latest filming and imaging techniques with the techiest car in the world.

From the video description:

From the onset, we wanted to create a piece that combined our artistic tastes with state of the art production methodologies, and LightDrive is the realisation of that desire. With a small, close-knit crew of super talented friends and collaborators we harnessed the freedoms gifted by the latest state of the art cameras, camera cars, drones and bespoke technologies to create a piece that we hope appeals to the sci-fi junky and car enthusiast alike. This made working with a Tesla Model S the obvious choice of vehicle. Tesla is not only a brand we identify with on all levels, it is a case of automotive fiction meeting science fact, and to drive one is to understand that the game has changed.

While Tesla as a “gamechanger” may be a bit of a trope in the auto industry right now, it’s hard to argue otherwise. The Tesla Model S has quickly become a car the young and wealthy aspire to own, a status symbol not just for the environmentally conscious, but for those who consider themselves trendsetters and cutting-edge.

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