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Iso Rivolta Grifo : Classic Cars

Among all the American-powered hybrids from the 1960s, the Iso Grifo may have been closest to what a 2+2 Corvette would have been like. Originally equipped with a Chevrolet 327 small-block, the Grifo eventually could be spec’d out with the big-block 427 and its 454 successor. For 1972-74, Ford’s 351 was the sole motor.

The Iso Grifo being offered is an anomaly. Seller states “this vehicle is registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles as a 1967 Iso; however, research indicates that it may be a 1972.” They claim the motor is a 427, which means it’s pre-1970, but the styling, with semi-concealed headlights, suggests a Series II, which didn’t debut until 1970. A little research shows block casting #3963512 was used for a number of big-blocks, while the CZU suffix shows it to be a 1970 454/390, otherwise known as the LS5 on performance Chevys. Do your homework and you may be the winner of an Iso Grifo for a song.

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