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2016 Infiniti QX30 : Concept Cars

Next month the Geneva International Motor Show will kick off in Geneva and one of the new concept vehicles that will debut at the show is the Infiniti QX30. The QX30 is a SUV concept from Infiniti that is intended to inspire a new premium compact crossover aimed at a new generation of premium customers.

The QX30 is slated to be unveiled at 12:30pm local time on March 3 in Geneva. Infiniti says that the concept SUV will be distinctive and aims at customers looking for something that works for the urban workweek and their get-away weekend lifestyle.

The SUV promises the lines of a coupe and rugged looks and higher searing position of a crossover SUV. Nothing in the description of the QX30 mentions off-road capability, which is ok. The vast majority of SUVs, even those with four wheel or all-wheel drive, never see the dirt.

Infiniti describes the QX30 Concept as an urban explorer at home in the city or on the open road. For now all we know about the design of the QX30 Concept is the single poorly lit teaser photo you see here. The official unveil will take place in about a month and all questions will be answered then.

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