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1975 Pontiac Le Mans GT : Classic Cars

The 1975 LeMans GT option came standard for the first time with the NASA scooped hood. The stripe package changed from a mid body stripe to strobe style stripes along the bottom of the fenders, doors and rear quarter panels. The package now included four GT decals (one on each front fender, one on the header panel and one on the trunk lid). The GT name was no longer integrated in to the side stripe. The package also included blacked out grills, body colored sport mirrors, and wheel opening moldings. For the first time, 15 X 7 inch Rally II wheels with GR70-15 steel belted radial white lettered tires were standard instead of 14 X 7 inch gear, because the Radial Tuned Suspension was now standard on all 75 LeMans models. The GT option could again be ordered on a base LeMans coupe or LeMans sport coupe body. The engine line up included a 250 cubic inch 1 bbl 6 cylinder, a 350 2 bbl or 350 4 bbl V8, and a 400 4 bbl V8. Only the six banger and 350 2 bbl were available with a manual transmission in 1975, and that was a column shift only affair.

In 1975, GM of Canada introduced a special LeMans GT called the Canada Cup, available only in the Canadian market. The package looked like a US GT, but with the addition of a two-tone red and white paint scheme, with the white color covering the "ironing board" of the hood and extending across the top of the doors as well as up the A pillars to cover the roof. A landau style top was also added. The package also included a white maple leaf symbol under the GT fender decals. The package was available with either louvered rear quarter windows or the formal opera window. It is rumored that less than 50 were built though we have never seen official production figures.

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