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Cupcake Meet, CCM, was founded in 2009 with the mentality of bringing car enthusiasts together in form of charity car meets. Our mission is to unite and promote car enthusiasts across the nation for a common cause.Bringing Car Enthusiasts Together with Charity Car Meets". They thank you for supporting them! Keep on Cupcakin'

Cupcake Meet was founded on Jan. 24, 2009 at Zilker Park in Austin, TX. The two founders, Tiffany and Ty, tested the waters and held the first CCM meet there. To their surprise, over 60 cars showed up ranging from domestics to imports. However, after the meet, they were left with over 1000 beautiful pictures, but had no name for it. Tiffany and David Romeo decided to name the album of photos after her hamster,"Cupcake", and also "Meet" was added because a CCM meet was intended to be small; around 70-100 cars just like a cupcake.

Soon, the webmaster, Hieu Tran, found out about the company and decided to help by not only creating an official site with a forum, but also a site where members have the freedom to post whatever daily rambling they want.

CCM then established the Staff, the backbone of the company that includes great people they had met along the way. Richard Dzao came up with the logo for CCM and now, car enthusiasts join in representing that logo on their vehicles! Each person's specialty ranging from photography to design. Since then, Cupcake Meet, has grown to what is today. We have expanded from Austin to Dallas to Houston to Oklahoma City.

Local companies have also agreed to help and sponsor us. At a Cupcake Meet, you are guaranteed to not only have a great time, but also get to enjoy great home-made cupcakes. At our events, cars are not judged by their mods, paint job, wheels, but by the driver because deep down inside, we are "...all car enthusiasts."

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