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Mercedes-Benz F-015 : Concept Cars

Mercedes-Benz has finally revealed its autonomous concept at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; and now it has a name.

Called the ‘F 015 Luxury In Motion’, the concept follows previous Mercedes ‘F’ concepts which concentrate on how cars of the future might look.

Mercedes teased the concept twice in the last two weeks, but the world had already seen its sleek shape via spy photos captured late last year.

As expected, the F 015 houses Benz’s autonomous interior design study first unveiled in November last year.

The German carmaker says the new concept “shows how the automobile is changing from a means of transportation to a private retreating space”, complete with swivelling chairs in place of traditional car seats.

Seats can be moved for a four-person, face-to-face conversation and swing towards the doors for easier entry and exit.

The fact that the F 015 is autonomous is almost a given, as many carmakers expect the self-driven car will be well established by 2030 - the year Benz expects to see cars such as this on the road.

When ‘manual’ driving is required, the F 015 still contains pedals and a steering wheel which extends from the dash to meet the driver.

The virtual reality goggles from the interior design concept don’t appear to have made it into the car this time around, but passengers can still be entertained by doors and a dashboard which all act as touch/display screens.

Mercedes says the concept is aimed at a time when cities will be larger and “private space and time” will be at a premium.

And there’s space aplenty in the interior, with the F 015 measuring 5220mm long, 2018mm wide and 1524mm high, while the wheelbase is a generous 3610mm.

The LED lights spotted during testing have carried over to the concept and perform multiple duties; glowing blue when the car is self-driven and white when the human driver is in control (handy for insurance claims, perhaps…).

Power for the F 015 comes from an electric motor with hydrogen fuel cells. Unclear at this stage is whether there’s truth to reports that the F 015 previews a new EV platform for Mercedes-Benz aimed at tackling the Tesla Model S.

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