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GM Issues Ignition-based Recalls : News

Even though it was New Year’s Day, General Motors had little to celebrate about – as the latest recall involving defective ignition parts shows the No. 1 US automaker is still nowhere near the end of its recall woes.

Throughout 2014, starting with the deadly February ignition switch recall of 2.6 million cars, General Motors has been plagued with a record number of safety campaigns, leading the company to smash the previous all-time US record posted back in 2004 (for the whole industry) by itself. And their last recall of 2014 – started on December 23 – was again triggered by the deadly ignition switch defect.

And overall, the US auto industry has seen its darkest year in 2014: 63.5 million overall, according to Stericycle, a company that tracks recalls, in 800 separate campaigns. This is more than twice the previous industry-wide all time record. GM’s woes started in February, with a recall campaign linked to 42 deaths and 58 injuries and leading to numerous court cases, congressional inquiries and even a criminal investigation.

The final days of 2014 saw General Motors – which has been keen on saying the recall troubles are now almost over – issuing four new safety campaigns. The total in North America now stands at 84 recall actions with 26.95 million vehicles, while the global status has tallied 30.43 million units.

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