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Like the clinging feet of a tenacious gecko, the Grip Strip will hold just about anything in place. And all without a single magnet, velcro strip, or sticky adhesive in sight.

Thanks to the revolutionary polymer compound that its made from, this advanced silicone material grips everything from iPads to Sat Navs. Just slap it on your dashboard, desk or wall and place your items on top. As if by magic, your possessions will defy the forces of nature and be held in place – it's an incredibly satisfying miracle of modern science to behold.

Resistant to water, high temperatures and sunlight, it’s perfectly at home wherever you choose to put it. And it never needs replenishing either – when the stickiness begins to wear off, just wipe it with a damp towel and it’ll be as good as new. We're pretty sure that this doesn't apply to geckos though.

It's A Strip With Grip!
We use our phones while driving far more often than we should. It is our GPS, way of asking Auntie what the directions are, texting our friends, and method of looking up local eateries around our destination. However, we do this while we’re driving a one-ton death machine. If you want to keep your phone out of your hands, but still need it to find your way, then you’ll want a mount of sorts to keep it within your field of vision, without having it in your grasp. The Grip Strip is a sticky pad for your dashboard that will keep your phone in place. It’s made of a polymer compound that will keep pretty much whatever you stick on it in place. While it is primarily meant for navigation systems or flat-backed phones, this would also work for pens, sunglasses, and pretty much anything else you want to keep in place. Well, maybe not your coffee, as that is never going to go well.

It’s resistant to water, high temperatures, sunlight, and if it starts to lose its stickiness, just wipe it down with a wet towel. It is not recommended that you stick this to any airbag panels, for what seems like obvious reasons. Thankfully, this shouldn’t stain or leave a residue, and that should work both ways. Getting one of these will cost you around $12, while getting a back of three will cost around $30. You’ll have the option of getting these in red, black, or blue.

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