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1982 Ferrari BB 512i : Classic Cars

The Ferrari BB 512i was to be the last of the popular BB 512 (Berlinetta Boxer) models, the little “i” added to the name was to indicate that it was now fuel injected – with a Bosch K-Jetronic CIS fuel injection unit that both improved throttle response and helped tidy up emissions. The '512' indicates 5 litres/12 cylinders.

As with its predecessor the BB 512i was fitted with a mid-mounted flat-12 capable of 360 hp and 333 ft-lbs of torque, the engine’s boxer configuration afforded the 512 a lower centre of gravity than the more traditional V12 engine layouts from Ferrari, although many purists will argue vehemently against any non-V12 from the Maranello factory.

Possessing an engine directly related to Ferrari's contemporary Formula 1 unit, as well as being both lighter and faster than the legendary Daytona, the 512BB was one of the most capable and exciting supercars of its era and is still capable of providing all the thrills that an enthusiastic owner-driver could wish for.

Displacement was increased by enlarging both bore and stroke, while in addition the compression ratio was raised and dry-sump lubrication adopted. The result of all these changes was a useful increase in torque which, coupled with revised gear ratios, made the 512 more tractable. Ferrari's claimed maximum of 188 mph (302 km/h) was felt entirely realistic.

You may have noticed that the car pictured here doesn't look entirely like the original Pininfarina design, this is because Koenig of Germany was tasked with restyling the coupe – resulting in a new rear section that (dare I say it) may even look better than the original.

The car can be with or without wing equipped.

Although the Ferrari BB 512i was never officially exported to the USA many of them have been privately imported over the years.

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