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Lexus LF-C2 : Concept Cars

Called the LF-C2 Concept, the convertible show car will make its world debut in LA on November 19. Lexus has so far only released a single teaser image of the LF-C2, but the automaker says it will continue to drop hints in the 72-hour period leading up to the car's reveal.

Although not for certain, the car we're looking at could be a convertible version of the Lexus RC coupe. Rumors sprang up last month that Lexus was working on a drop top variant of its newest coupe offering, including the hotter RC F version. A Lexus RC convertible would compete directly with the BMW 4-Series convertible and Audi A5 convertible.

It's also possible, albeit somewhat of a long shot, that the LF-C2 is a convertible version of Lexus' previous LF-LC concept car. Lexus has reportedly approved the LF-LC for production, but the nose of the car in the teaser doesn't quite lineup with the original LF-LC concept.

Look for all questions to be answered next Wednesday.

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