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Jaguar "EV Type" Trademarked : News

Though Jaguar has built some of the most beautiful sports cars ever conceived, their naming nomenclature has always been less than creative. AutoGuide reports that Jaguar has trademarked the “EV-Type” name in both Europe and the U.S., leading to speculation that an all-electric Jaguar is in the works. The Jaguar E-Type is amongst the most famous classic Jags, and the automaker recently finished building the last six all-aluminum 1960s E-Types ahead of the launch of the Jaguar XE, which has about 75% aluminum content itself. Right now the Jaguar F-Type sports car is the only “-Type” in the company’s lineup, though the name was also used in the early 2000s for sedan models (the unremarkable S-Type and X-Type). There’s little indication as to just what the Jaguar EV-Type is in the trademark filings, but it would almost certainly be a pure electric vehicle, rather than a plug-in hybrid. This coincides with rumors that Jaguar’s corporate sibling Land Rover is developing an electric Range Rover to compete with the upcoming Tesla Model X, though I doubt Jaguar will go the SUV route for its debut EV. A more likely scenario is a competitor for the Model S, which points the way towards either a luxury sedan or sports car like the Jaguar C-X16 hybrid concept, though there’s a more far out possibility as well; the return of the C-X75 concept as an all-electric supercar. While the turbine-centric drivetrain was ditched in favor of a high-output four-banger, the C-X16 project was eventually shelved as Jaguar focused on the launch of the 75 MPG XE sedan. Obviously the interest in alternative fuels is still there though, and the company recently installed the largest rooftop solar system in the U.K., expanding its commitment to green energy beyond its cars. A Jaguar Land Rover executive was recently quoted as saying he sees a place for electric cars as a second or third vehicle (at least for now), so there’s certainly some interest on the automaker’s part. But just what kind of electric Jaguar would the brand’s customers buy? For now Jaguar is remaining mum on the subject, though the possibilities are positively titillating. Jaguar has always been one of my “reach” brands filling my dream garage, and the thought of an electric Jaguar to rival the likes of the Tesla Model S is something I can absolutely get behind.

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