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Honda's Othe-R Side : Videos

If you grew up loving the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks, Honda’s new interactive online film will send you down the path of nostalgia. The film, called the Other Side, launched on October 30, 2014 as Honda’s new promotional tool for the highly anticipated launch of the 2015 Honda Civic Type R.

The premise of the Other Side is simple: it lets you choose what adventure you want to take of a story that, according to Honda, “unfolds in two parallel tales” featuring a father’s “day job” as a doting dad driving a Honda Civic and his “night job” as an undercover police officer behind the wheel of a Civic Type R.

As the viewer, you can switch between the two stories by simply pressing the “R” button on your keyboard. The technical aspect of the campaign is incredible. The matched scenes and the mirror treatment of the two stories are top-caliber, reflecting the vision and creativity of Honda and director Daniel Wolfe, one of the most renowned commercial directors in the world.

Check out Honda’s the Other Side campaign for the Civic Type R for the first of the videos. We would post the video here, but the dual-story aspect only works on that website. Trust me, it is worth the time to check it out.

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