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GM Breakdown Warnings Coming : News

Here’s a great news that might bring back a little positive attitude from consumers towards General Motors, after the No. 1 US automaker managed to completely tarnish its public image with an unprecedented string of vehicle recalls.

If some time has already passed (generally at least a month) since you got your driver’s license, chances are you encountered at least once that mysterious and inexplicable warning light that signals your car’s approaching demise. Or you simply got no warning at all when the battery died or a pump decided to rest in peace.

Now, all that fearsome situation could be mitigated by GM’s newly developed “active, preventive maintenance” function that wants to avoid upcoming headaches by alerting the driver before something breaks – also giving him a detailed report on what’s wrong – says Mark Reuss, the automaker’s global product development chief.

The system would use the numerous sensors already equipping the typical car, truck or crossover, and would also gain access to a cloud-based database that is tasked to compile service records from similar vehicles. That means for example, that if your engine is still fine at 48,000 miles – knowing that V6 usually needs an oil filter replacement at 50,000 miles, the system would prompt the driver about the upcoming situation.

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