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1977 Lamborghini Countach LP400S : Classic Cars

n developing the LP400 from the prototype LP500, a new round-tubed space frame was created to ensure the required torsional strength for the performance capability of the Countach. The smaller 4-liter, 4-cam V12 engine delivered more reliable power in a more tractable manner than the 5-liter of the LP500 and produced 375hp at 8,000rpm with six side-draft Weber 45DCOE carburetors.

It is widely agreed that the pure shape of the early LP400 Countach, without added aerodynamic or decorative pieces, is a masterwork of industrial design. The alternation of flat planes and angles, with functional cutouts for air vents, intakes, windows and wheels results in a form both sculptural and dynamic simultaneously; completely different from later iterations.

One of 40 built in 1977 out of a total production of 157 over a four-year span beginning in 1974, this car was first brought into the country by Aaron Morse of Kiehl's Cosmetics in January 1979, at the Port of Baltimore. It received its EPA release in October of the year. It then passed to Mark Steve of La Jolla, CA and into the current ownership in 1999. At this time it had covered approximately 16,715 miles.

The Countach was driven until 2005 at which time a complete and comprehensive restoration was undertaken. The brief was to return the car to top cosmetic as well as mechanical condition – this was to be no trailer queen, but a car able to be driven as it was designed to be. On completion of the work, the car was track tested to ensure it delivered the performance it should. (Read More)

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