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1966 Buick Skylark Gran Sport : Classic Cars

By the time the 1966 model year arrived, the midsize body carried the Gran Sport emblem as a model, rather than an option, to the Skylark, propelling Buick even closer to the muscle car status it has since become known for. Potential buyers were greeted with a fresh look brought about by the design success of the Riviera, less--and certainly more sporty looking--trim, and although the power remained from the previous year, two other engine choices were available to wet the appetite for those with a heavier right foot.

Unfortunately for Buick, 1966 proved to be a somewhat sluggish year in sales, dropping the automaker to sixth in line in the final year-end tally. As a result, Gran Sport sales also took a slight dive, totaling 13,816 units, the bulk of which belonged to the hardtop coupe with 9,934 units as it had the previous year. Total coupe production finished the year out with 1,835, and convertibles totaled 2,047 units.

It was also a transitional year as the Skylark lineup had a redesign on the horizon, scheduled for 1967--a year that saw the Gran Sport become its own model. The new Gran Sport 400 and smaller Gran Sport 340 is void of the Skylark script, featured significantly sportier trim, and more importantly, its own set of VIN codes separate from the Skylark. Total sales jumped to 17,505 combined units even though some design cues carried over from 1966. (Read More)

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