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Tesla Reveals The "D" On October 9 : News

Elon Musk knows how to own a moment. Rather than get caught up in the news maelstrom of this week’s Paris auto show, he’ll let that fanfare subside. Then, exactly one week later, he’ll own all the media cycles when he will “unveil the D” on October 9, and we hope that that does not involve anything remotely associated with Elon’s trousers.

The teaser photo above clearly shows a Model S behind the garage door, so perhaps this is a new variant? We’re spitballing here. Musk is good at keeping people guessing.

We doubt it’s the Model 3, since . . . this is called D, not 3. And that’s not all that’s coming, according to Musk’s announcement on Twitter:

What’s the “something else?” No idea. Our curiosity’s piqued. Let’s see what Elon has up his sleeve.

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