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Ferrari California T Takes A Shower : Videos

Before you have a full-blown freakout that someone poured a bunch of bright paint over a brand-new 2015 Ferrari California T, take a quick breath. No California Ts were harmed in the making of this dynamic art installation. That’s right—this California T participated in a little live-action bubble of creativity spurred by artist Fabian Oefner, who poured a washable UV light–reactive paint over the car in a darkened wind tunnel.

In Oefner’s words, he sought to “reveal the sensation of speed through form” and to “see the unseen” in his project. His conversion of “an emotion into a physical art piece” took some trial and error but ultimately involved a series of pipes feeding different colors of paint into a 150-mph breeze aimed at the California T’s front end. The rest, Oefner says, was left to the art.

The result, Oefner says, makes the Ferrari the “artist, subject, and canvas, all at once.” Sure. We’re not art critics, but we agree with the artist’s posit that Ferraris brim with beauty and are easy sources of inspiration. Instead of glowing paint, however, we tend to reach for the keys.

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