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Car : MINI
Author : Gae Bridger 

This isn’t the first time MINI has worked together with German brand Puma. Closer to the original launch of the new MINI in 2001/2002 Puma partnered with the brand to create one-off cars (see above) and accessories. As some may remember, Puma even produced a few pieces for MINI’s fashion line MINI_Motion.

This new line will be a bit more accessories and will be available in MINI dealers worldwide as well as Puma store.

Official Release: Automotive manufacturer MINI and sports lifestyle brand PUMA have signed a worldwide license agreement sealing their partnership over a period of several years. The collaboration brings together two innovative and iconic brands with a long-standing passion for functionality, performance and design, and centres on a joint collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. The lifestyle product lines will be available from September 2012 under the label MINI by PUMA. Selected MINI dealerships will be selling a range of items, while PUMA stores and PUMA retail partners will carry the entire collection. (Read More)

Author : Gae Bridger 

Over the past two weeks the same prototype JCW GP that was used to debut the concept at MINI United has been on display and driving across country on MINI Takes the States. And while we still don’t know much about the car (final output, price etc) we do know one thing; it’s low. So low that it may just be the lowest (new) MINI ever produced by the factory.
MINI JCW Coupe (Read More

Car : MINI JCW Coupe
Author : Gae Bridger 

Sometimes journalists are wrong. As I sit here at an outdoor table, at a cafe in a particularly stylish spot in Chicago, I’m watching people do double takes as they walk by our black JCW Coupe and its red top. I’m on my second iced coffee and every reaction I’ve seen has been positive. I’ve seen stylish women pointing and little boys taking pictures.

In a neighborhood thick with Ferraris, Porsches and the like, this little car is clearly the most interesting thing on the streets. It’s moments like this that make me realize that jaded journalists should be the last people anointed as the automotive taste-makers. Could the R58 MINI Coupe be on a slow burn like the original BMW Z3 M Coupe? After spending a week with the car, I’m beginning to think so. In fact, I think the car’s production life-cycle will come and go before the grassroots ground swell of positive reaction hits its stride. This is a car that will get popular with time, and by the time this little black and red JCW finds its way into the hands of its second or third owner, the R58 will likely be spoken of in reverential terms. (Read More

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