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Mazda 6 Shinari : Concept Cars

Model “Shinar” Mazda is a further evolution of modern design aspirations named “kodo”, which translated from Japanese means “soul of motion.” This does not apply to the movement of the car, as well as basic inspiration served nature and wildlife. According to the representatives of Mazda’s design centers, the concept of movement was one of the leading ideas in designing cars, since the first “Mazda” models “R360 Coupe”, which was launched exactly 50 years ago. The first outlines of “kodo” direction can be seen in more and not so long ago presented MPV model “Mazda 5″, which inspired the hip muscles tense. Thanks to such design solutions, even MPV has a dynamic form, and what effect has this concept when applied to a sports-oriented body, it becomes clear through the “Shinar”. It’s four-door sedan with seating for four, in the form of a sports coupe. The meaning of the word “Shinar” is associated with the power and flexibility of, the Japanese experts vividly described as tense bent steel or bamboo. This means curves, but in which the hidden potential and power, and parallels can be transmitted and the animal world. The body of the “Shinar” is associated with the body of a cat ready to jump, curved spine and tense muscles.

The front of the car, although completely innovative, in some designer has way connection with the current Mazda vehicles. The grille has a new multangular form and light clusters are completely opposite trends in serial production car, very small in size, suggesting that in them lies advanced LED technology. Pronounced front fenders dimensions conceal large wheels, and a further evolution of wings first seen at the model “RX8″. Among the group of light through the grille, aluminum trim extends, which according to Mazda’s designers associated with speed. The sides are very dynamic, and there is no back door, the silhouette could easily be attributed to a sports coupe. Fluidity line is further emphasized by miniature folding handles and the front and rear doors, and the dynamics and aerodynamics emphasize minimalist styled exterior mirrors. The material delivered to the media about anything not reported, but it appears that the small exterior mirror housings placed cameras that image projected on a monitor in the cab, because the mirror so small probably would not be of excessive use. The rear of the car is no less dynamic than rest of the body, and also it is at first sight it is clear that it’s made of a very spacious trunk.

The interior of the Mazda innovations designed to accommodate four passengers, but the manufacturer promises that the rear seat has enough room for two people. The cockpit is stylized to be subservient to the driver commands. Highly elevated central ridge creating a feeling tucked in and protected, and the commands are kept to a minimum. Despite the cockpit in the “Enterprise”-style instrument panel was designed by “worldly” standards, and consists of three circular instruments with a combination of analog and circular pointer. Although the cockpit is organized to maximize the driver has a perfect working environment, the central ridge between the seats is organized so that the multi-function rotary switch on the hand and front passenger, which is a great solution, especially for the longer run. The front and rear are in the form of race-tub, but with clear comfort, and white colors of their skins gives a sense of space, combined with richly glazed roof, even in the rear. Recent Mazda’s concept is purely a design character, so it was not much attention paid to the technical details, and there are no data on the possible aggregates. Because of Hiroshima will say that a number of solutions and visual cues investment quickly be used at a future Mazda production car.

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