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Citroen Divine DS : Concept Cars

With one of Europe's biggest auto shows now just a month away, European automakers are preparing to showcase their latest wares. And since this year the salon is in Paris, you can bet that French automakers will seize the opportunity as well – French automakers like Citroën, for example, which has revealed this new concept car. Thing is, while it's clearly made by Citroën, it doesn't wear the name or any of its badges. The Divine DS concept you see here is being presented exclusively as a DS model, leading a spin-off of the Chevron marque's premium line into its own stand-alone division in Europe much as it has in China. And this concept previews that brand's new styling direction.

The five-door hatch, measuring 165 inches long and 78 inches wide, is about the size of the current Citroën DS4 (which itself is about the size of a VW Golf) but at 53 inches tall sits lower to the ground than the existing pseudo-crossover. Power comes from a 1.6-liter turbo four with 270 horsepower, but the Divine DS concept is less about its specifications than its design.

Sitting low on 20-inch wheels, with spindly mirrors, hidden door handles and no bumpers to speak of, the Divine DS is clearly more show car than production preview. The French automaker describes the design as "spectacular, elegant and enchanting," which may be a bit of a stretch, but it does cut a rather slick profile for an everyday hatchback, with sharp creases, bold angles and a faceted roof design that opens to deploy the rear-view camera.

Open the door and you'll see an interior that is at least as striking as the exterior, with a highly individualized and customizable cabin. Described by the DS brand as "hyper-typage," the haute couture cockpit is presented in three themes: Mâle (with carbon fiber and red stitching), Parisienne Chic (with ivory leather and pleated silk) and Fatale Punk (with black padded leather and Swarovski crystal-embedded fabric). Technological features include laser turning indicators, holographic head-up display and a 10.4-inch touchscreen monitor.

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