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Alfa Romeo Diva : Concept Cars

Built in conjunction with Alfa Romeo and to celebrate their 10th year as a design school, Espera Sbarro are presenting the DIVA concept at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show . Styling cues for the prototype hark back to Alfa Romeo's past and the students that created this concept are obviously influenced by the iconic Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale.

Like the 33 Stradale, the Diva sports taught proportions, gullwing doors that pivot forward and a centrally mounted engine. Easy access is provided to the front mechanics and engine comparment via large flip-forward and back panels, just like the 33.

Unlike previous Alfa Romeo concepts, the Diva breaks barriers that Alfa Romeo's own Centro Stile might not. For instance the front end treatment takes Alfa's familiar face, but with a modern, more 'Formula One' edge. And, unlike the flowing 8C Competitzione released in 2003, the Diva is noticeably chiseled and features a bevy of hard lines.

Most of the technical development for the Diva was carried out by Elasis, a research and development subsidiary of Fiat. They heavily modified an Alfa Romeo 159 chassis to accept a tuned 147 GTA engine in the middle of the car!

Until March 12th, the Diva and several other Sbarro prototypes can be seen on their stand (2244 in Hall 2) at the Geneva Motor Show.

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