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2015 Volvo XC90 : Concept Cars

The 2015 Volvo XC90 represents the Swedish brand’s optimistic look into the future of automobiles, and boy do things look good. Staying largely true to the stunning concept car that debuted earlier this year, the 2015 XC90 comes with two powerful drivetrain options, including the 400 horsepower Twin Engine setup.

The first Volvo to receive the new Scalable Product Architecture, the XC90 is loaded with luxury goods and options that are sure to make it a hit with well-heeled family types needing a grocery getter with presence and power. The interior shines with high-quality materials and a well-planned layout that has a large infotainment touchscreen system at its center. The seven-seat SUV even comes with a crystal glass gear shifter and diamond-cut controls for the push-button start and volume control knob. There’s also the awesomely-named “Thor’s Hammer” bi-xenon headlights that carried over from the concept.

Moving the XC90 is either a 316 horsepower turbocharged and supercharged 2.0 liter E-Drive four-cylinder engine, or the 400 horsepower Twin Engine plug-in hybrid drivetrain that adds a potent electric motor. Volvo isn’t citing MPG numbers just yet, but they did say that the XC90 emits just 60 g/km of carbon emissions.

Volvo being Volvo, there’s also a huge emphasis on safety, including an all-new energy absorbing “run off-road” package. Positioned between the frame and seat cushions, this energy-absorbing system also tightens the seatbelts to keep passengers in place during a serious accident, reducing the likelihood of serious spinal and neck injuries. There’s also the suite of crash avoidance technologies that includes City Safe, an auto-stop program designed to prevent a collision with vulnerable pedestrians.

The 2015 Volvo XC90 is also the first production Volvo to receive semi-autonomous driving features, including a system that handles stop-and-go traffic so you don’t have to. Volvo is making a lot of headway with self-driving cars, and the XC90 is step towards a prettier and more autonomous future.

The 2015 XC90 will start at about $48,000, while fully-loaded limited edition launch models will sticker for over $65,000.

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