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1965 Iso Rivolta Daytona : Classic Cars

The Iso Rivolta Daytona was similar in concept to the Giotto Bizzarrini-designed Iso Grifo and was conceived as a dual purpose race car that could also be used on the street. It was designed with racing as its primary function. The sophisticated chassis, lightweight aluminum body and powerful American V8 made for stunning performance.

Giotto Bizzarrini was involved with the initial design of the Daytona but left the company in late 1965. Renzo Rivolta continued with the project further developing the chassis and contracted Giorgio Neri and Luciano Bonacini of the famous Modena Carrozzeria Neri e Bonaccini (Nembo) to design and built the bodies. Bizzarrini continued to offer technical assistance to the project. The Daytona made its public debut at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in 1966 were it was greeted with great excitement.

Combining a lightweight aluminum body and sophisticated chassis with American power the Iso Daytona had incredible performance for the day. Front suspension is by double unequal length wishbones and coil spring/damper units. At the rear a de Dion axle is located by four-bar trailing arms and a Watts link with inboard disc brakes. Wheels are Campagnolo alloy knockoffs.

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