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1957 Jaguar XKE : Classic Cars

Often called one of the sexiest cars in existence, the Jaguar XKE (sometimes also called the E-Type) is a masterpiece. With well under 100,000 manufactured, the XKE is also quite rare. Or if you just want to learn about the Jaguar XKE, read on!

Production of the Jaguar XKE began in 1961 and continued until 1974. During this time, the Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 versions were created and of course there were some variations within each series (coupe, convertible, roadster, lightweight and a few others).

Inspiration for the car was found in Jaguar's D-Type, a similar Jaguar with a very successful racing history. The D-Type's racing history was so successful, in fact, that the Queen of England actually sent her personal congratulations to Jaguar when the D-Type won several major races in a row ("Le Mans" winners in 1955, 56 and 57).

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