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Yamaha Tesseract Motorquadbike : Concept Cars

The Yamaha Tesseract from the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show is still one of our favorite concept vehicles ever created, both for the sheer lunacy of its appearance and ingeniousness of its design.

That time, they couldnt start production because it's design was so closed to 'Nick Shotter's 4MC Leaner design', that the company will have to license Shotter's intellectual property if it wants to go into production.

But fortunately, recent patent filings indicate that Yamaha may actually intend to build something like this for production.

There are some differences worth noting that separate the machine described in the patent documents from the actual Tesseract concept, notably the use of a parallel twin engine instead of a V-twin and dual shafts driving the rear wheels instead of chains. It's that latter item that makes us think Yamaha might actually be developing this machine, as those conceptual chains would be a nightmare to keep sorted and matched in real life.

But yeah, a vehicle like the Tesseract would never be sold in the United States, at least not for road use. Because it has four wheels, the Tesseract would be classified as an automobile (though it is most definitely a motorcycle in every meaningful sense), and that means it would need to pass crash and safety testing. Suffice it to say there's no chance in purgatory that the machine would make it through that nightmarish legislative process.

Still, we believe that, nothing can stop a brilliant design to come up. So we hope, we will find riders riding killer machines like these in coming years..!!!

Because, we cant just ignore the benefits of this machine :

Lowers the center of gravity.
Minimizes weight.
Improves maneuverability.
Improves braking.
Improves acceleration.
Minimizes fuel consumption.
Minimizes tire wear.
Resists falling over which increases stability.
Can travel very slowly through traffic without wobbling from side to side.
Does not require the rider to put their feet on the ground when stationary.

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